A Reference Guide to Chicago Restaurants and Bars in HBO’s “South Side”

From remarkable food at community events all year round to bucket boys beating white buckets every turn of the freeway Dan Ryan, HBO Max’s South side focuses on neglected parts of the city with a depth that showcases its influence and grandeur.

South side – created by Chicago natives and brothers Bashir and Sultan Salahuddin with friend Diallo Riddle – gives viewers an honest, funny, and fresh take on neighborhoods that deserve more positive attention.

Previously on Comedy Central, South sideThe second season of premiered Nov. 11 on HBO Max, bringing more eccentric and absurd plans to make money from Rent-T-Own employees Simon and Kareme (Rent-T-Own is a parody of the Chicago staples Rent-A-Center and Aaron’s). Season 2 also brings back familiar faces like real-life married couple agents Turner (Chandra Russell) and Goodnight (Bashir Salahuddin), and goofy but well-meaning public defender-turned-alderman Allen Gayle (played by Riddle). Gayle’s 51st neighborhood is fictitious, as Chicago has only 50 neighborhoods.

Season 1 aired before the Mandates and Mask Blocks, and Season 2 airs at a time when America is in need of laughter and adventure. South side enjoy some of Chicago’s restaurants and bars during both seasons, and also check out the names of important places that are essential to South Side culture.

Here is a list of restaurants, eateries and bars across Chicago that were highlighted on the show.


815 West Van Buren Street

In Season 1, Episode 2, Uncle Spike enlists Simon and Kareme to sell his male enhancement pills to older men. After successfully completing the task, the duo meet Uncle Spike at Giordano’s house. Known for its stuffed pies – a heavy, flaky, cheesy version with a sassy, ​​deep dish taste – Giordano’s has been around since 1974, and at one point Derrick Rose, a native of Englewood and former Chicago Bulls star, was an investor. .

Popcorn Garrett

737 E. 87th Street

In Season 1, Episode 3, recently appointed landlord Agent Turner wanted to make a peace offer to tenant “The Dorothy Loreen Brown, Chicago Civil Rights Maverick,” with a pot from Garrett Pop corn. Stop at any point in town to order the Garrett Mix, a delicious blend of their famous varieties of cheese and caramel. And people should stay away from Mrs. Brown if they enjoy these precious sweet and savory grains.

Harold’s Chicken Shack

917 West 87th Street

Harold’s is one of Chicago’s greatest culinary dishes. In Season 1, Episode 9, Kareme encountered a sweet sauce dilemma while ordering lunch there. He was denied an extra sweet and tangy sauce by a rude associate. Unlike Kareme’s misfortune, anyone can order an extra mild sauce and are encouraged to do so.

Daley’s restaurant

6257 S. Cottage Grove Ave

The start of Season 2 takes viewers on a (literally) wild ride as we follow Simon and Kareme into town on a mission to save Simon’s hapless but precious Omaha steak. They rush the steaks to Daley’s, a restaurant that happens to be Chicago’s oldest restaurant, hoping a chef will cook them up. Unfortunately, Daley’s is not a “BYOS: bring your own steak” restaurant, but patrons can still enjoy the friendly faces, welcoming atmosphere, and great food like salmon cakes, catfish. fried and oatmeal.

333 West 35th Street

In Episode 4, Turner visits his famous friend Brenda Cole on the set of her TV show. The two girlfriends are having fun on set for what turns out to be a fun day at Ferris Bueller. Their first activity is a baseball game at Guaranteed Rate Field, home of the White Sox, and the ladies tour the concessions in the outside lobby.

Chicago Union League Club

65 West Jackson Boulevard

Episode 4 continues with Turner and Brenda moving on to their next event, with Keisha anxiously joining in the fun. They find themselves trying to get into the Union League Club of Chicago, a members-only social club for professionals, artists, and wine enthusiasts that is known for hosting exquisite dining experiences. ULCC serves upscale steaks and the freshest seafood dishes. Members can relax and enjoy a poolside dining experience with exceptional cocktails and small bites.

5311 S. Lake Park Avenue West

At the start of Episode 9, Agents Turner and Goodnight attempt to stop a man they suspect of stealing windshield wipers whose alibi is to party at the Promontory, the concert hall and bar of Hyde Park known for its “Third Thursday”. Turner was visibly upset that he missed the event, but customers can subscribe to their mailing list to stay on top of shows, events and parties. “Third Thursdays” don’t exist at the Promontory – the reference seems to be a South Side version of the Museum of Contemporary Art’s First Fridays.

Pequod’s Pizza

2207 N. Clybourn Avenue

Although Pequod’s is on the north side of Lincoln Park, Episode 9 features a scene among the Chicago Illuminati, a group that includes the CEO wearing a bow tie from Pequod’s Pizza, the place with the deep dish with the caramelized edges. While the scene doesn’t take place at Pequod’s, it’s a sign of respect for one of Chicago’s best deep pizzas.

Italian party

1306 E. 47th Street

Chance the Rapper plays a disgruntled stockbroker named Herb who has aggressive confrontations with Simon throughout Episode 10. A sad Herb expresses that Italian Fiesta, a Chicago-style thin-crust pizzeria, is his favorite restaurant in the world. South Side. Italian Fiesta is actually a favorite for most people on the south side of Chicago, happy or sad – just ask the Obamas. Their ultra-thin crust pie is bursting with flavor with tons of cheese, fresh ingredients and their signature house marinara sauce.

Reggie is on the beach

6259 S. Lake Shore Drive

In Season 2, Rent-T-Own employees make a pact to face their fears, like practicing extreme parkour (RIP Kardell Sr.), getting sprayed by a skunk and learning to swim. Simon and Kareme, along with Simon’s son Magnus, head to the beach on 63rd Street to overcome Simon and Magnus’ fear of swimming. 63rd Street Beach is home to Reggie’s On The Beach, a waterside bar serving beer, shots, and some of the best jumbo wings in town. Although temporarily closed for the season, Reggie’s has an indoor restaurant on State Street in the South Loop where patrons can enjoy a bar menu and live music.

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