Abandoned food huts still stand on the streets of New York

Almost five weeks after Mayor Bill de Blasio said he wanted a crackdown on unused outdoor dining sheds, only a small sample has been taken from the street.

The Transportation Department said 30 abandoned or no-complaint huts were taken down on Friday, six more than when the mayor made his announcement.

De Blasio on Oct. 18 called it “unacceptable” for restaurant owners to keep outdoor sites without using them and said he would ask DOT to review each of the setups and tell owners they had “A few days to get it right or the site would have to be pulled back and reopened for parking.

“So that’s the kind of thing that I educated. I will follow up and make sure this happens quickly. Because it’s only fair, ”Hizzoner said.

The DOT has refused repeated requests for a list of locations where structures have been removed. In the case of an abandoned structure, the DOT said it only allows the removal after confirming a restaurant closure.

But he has yet to take action regarding at least one abandoned hut outside the former Village Den restaurant in the West Village, which is still standing on Thursday despite the Post reported in October that it had been abandoned. A sign for rent was stuck inside the door of the empty restaurant.

Mayor Bill de Blasio called it unacceptable for restaurants to keep unused dining sheds.
L. Zecchino

The DOT said the lack of moves doesn’t mean it isn’t inspecting outdoor sheds, and is trying to get restaurants to comply with the rules first.

“Abandoned outdoor dining sheds are not good for anyone. We are grateful for the hard work of DOT, and we will continue to take action when we find configurations that have exceeded their target, ”said a city hall spokesperson.

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