All’Angelos calls for action after two restaurant floods in one month

THE FUTURE of the award-winning All’Angelos restaurant in Droitwich is in question after the restaurant was flooded for the second time this month.

The Queens Street flooding comes after Droitwich received heavy rain in the early hours of Sunday morning (23 October).

Italian restaurant owner Angelo Petritaj is now calling on the council to act to prevent the recurring floods that damage his property each year.

“I’m not sure I can survive this time because I really don’t have the money left to continue.

“There is no point in having so many awards and working so hard in our community to hopefully bring more people to the area when you have to pay damages over and over again.”

The flooded section of the road on Queens Street. Image provided by Angelo

Since the business opened three years ago, the restaurant has flooded seven times, costing the business between £15 and £25,000 each time the venue becomes waterlogged.

High costs led the company to take out loans to pay for flood damage.

However, before the company has finished repaying their first loan, subsequent floods occur, forcing them to pay for replacement equipment and food.

Angelo said the company has received no help from the board, and despite discussions about resolving the issue, no action has been taken.

Councilor Bob Brooks, leader of Droitwich Spa Council, said flooding in the area was a “fundamental problem”.

“We are very concerned about the floods and their impact on local businesses.

“This is being investigated and we have had a meeting with various parties who have been referred to consider a solution.”

He added that the group was due to meet to discuss solutions to flooding in the affected area next month.

Wychavon Council has also planned to send a representative to speak to local businesses affected by recent flooding and assess the area for immediate action.

The news also comes after the Droitwich Half Marathon was canceled early on Sunday morning due to flooding of much of the course.

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