America’s oldest restaurant is in Nassau County, New York – NBC New York

On a turkey day, the Milleridge Inn in Nassau County serves this up with a portion of tradition and charm.

A multitude of diners came to celebrate Thanksgiving in the oldest restaurant in the country.

The space, warmed by a wood-burning fireplace, is filled with people who crave and are grateful for a warm and hearty meal in a social environment.

“It’s good to get back to normal, get back on track and be happy with your family again,” said Jackie Vadala.

The tables are surrounded by festive decorations and a story telling the story of the restaurant that opened in 1672.

Among the menu selections, Executive Chef Chris Seidl concocted “crispy Brussels sprouts, carrots, mashed potatoes, extra butter”.

“It just means the world has to come together and be cheerful and happy right before the holiday season,” Jordan Coene said.

Almost 200 people work during the Thanksgiving holidays, from kitchen staff to waiters.

“Being together, surrounded by people is always good and we need it,” waitress Lexi Rivelli told News 4 New York.

Meanwhile, owner Butch Yamali says he’s thrilled to see his home this way, adding that it’s the first Thanksgiving in two years that looks normal.

“It’s a revelation. What we’ve missed all these years. Two years. Now people are coming out en masse,” he said. “[I’m] very happy. People with their families. People coming out of retirement homes again. There is no better way to do this than Thanksgiving.

And while employees and diners are happy to join in the restaurant’s Thanksgiving festivities, Yamali knows it’s a day everyone wants to be with family.

For this reason, the last reservation is for 5 p.m. – so everyone can come home and celebrate Thanksgiving with their friends and family.

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