Arsenal to field Coutinho if Ødegaard’s new loan plan fails

Martin Ødegaard landed on both feet at Arsenal just like he did during his previous loan to Real Sociedad. The Gunners I hope to sit down with real Madrid to discuss the possibility of extending the Norwegian’s loan to London for another season. Arsenal are even said to be ready to buy the player, although Madrid have no plans to sell him. The Premier League team is studying a range of alternatives, among which, is Philippe Coutinho.

Liverpool reportedly earn £ 20million from appearance clause

Coutinho has had a good start to the season and it initially seemed that Koeman had found the formula to get the most out of the Brazilian, but its progression was stopped by a tear in the external meniscus in the left knee, who left it on 90 appearances for Barça. According to The Daily Express, if Coutinho reaches 100 games for Barça, the club must pay Liverpool An additional 23million euros (£ 20million) as part of a bonus clause enshrined in the player’s contract when he traded Anfield for Camp Nou in 2018.

This clause could, however, accelerate Coutinho’s return to the Premier League, where he had the best moments of his career. Barcelona need to raise funds to start rebuilding their squad in the next transfer window and selling Coutinho would be one way to do it. The emergence of academy actors such as Pedro plus the resurgence of Dembele will surely block Coutinho’s return to the side. Plus, he plays 10 more games to get the club to 100 appearances, that would mean more spending, leaving a hole in the coffers.

Arsenal’s interest in Coutinho goes way back

Arsenal’s interest in Coutinho is nothing new, they were set to sign him last season after finishing his loan at Bayern Munich. A deal was never made, but now, due to a set of circumstances, they could get it for a more reasonable price. But only if they can’t agree on their main goal – extend Martin Ødegaard’s loan within another year.

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