Best Eats: Big Goat at Gish Bac in LA

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (KGET) – On weekends at Gish Bac, a small Mid-Wilshire restaurant surrounded by coach shops and gas stations, gives off the aroma of barbacoa enchilada – goat barbacoa in red sauce – goat cheese at length cooked with hot peppers, herbs and spices cooked until the meat reaches a surprising tenderness.

Take a spoonful of the powerful and complex broth and you could ignore the goat for a few bites and start eating the dish like a soup. I would put a few dollars for a cup of this broth on the side of any appetizer.

And while the barbacoa is fantastic, Gish Bac has a lot to offer. There are huevos rancheros and chilaquiles for breakfast, several moles and soups, tortas, pizza-like tlayudas and a dish for two called Plato Gish Bac, which includes several meats, cacti and green onions. grilled, red rice and beans.

Memela with chorizo ​​and queso fresco.

I had a memela with chorizo ​​and queso fresco. The waitress asked me if I was okay with it being made with pork lard. Yes.

Topped with refried black beans, the memela was a perfect snack, salty, smoky, slightly tangy of cheese, and the masa kept its integrity bite after bite.

A cup of olla coffee – the coffee is imported from Oaxaca – was the perfect way to end the meal.

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