Bishop’s School purchases the Jack in the Box property in La Jolla; plans for its use to be determined

Bishop’s School in La Jolla has purchased the neighboring property that once housed the Jack in the Box fast food restaurant at 564 Pearl St. The site will be leased on a short-term basis to a tenant yet to be determined, according to the school. In the long run, it will be converted for student use.

“We’re a great school and want to continue to be a great school, so it was all about imagining and examining our vision of how we can learn and grow better,” said Ron Kim, principal of the Bishop’s school, about the purchase. “Whenever we think about the future, we have a desire to expand what we can do. We want to make sure that space constraints aren’t going to keep us from doing something. We very much want to imagine.

The $ 5.5 million purchase was finalized on September 30, around the time Jack in the Box quietly closed, said Pam Duffy, Bishop’s COO.

Representatives for Jack in the Box did not respond to requests for comment at the time on the reason for the shutdown.

“We are considering leasing this space to various potential occupants,” said Duffy. Although no decision has been made, there are “a number of interested parties,” including a lot of restaurants, she said. The hope is that the tenant opens by next summer.

“It depends on who the parties are and what conditions we can come up with,” Duffy said. “We would like to have someone there as soon as possible, hopefully within the next three to six months.”

Kim said “We are very careful about the visibility and location of this property. We want to be a good neighbor and know that it matters to people. “

Tables at the former Jack in the Box restaurant on Pearl Street were sealed with duct tape.

Tables at the former Jack in the Box restaurant on Pearl Street were sealed with duct tape.

(Elisabeth Frausto)

Ultimately, the space will be converted into a school facility; details have not been decided.

“It could be a lot of things,” Kim said. “We have hopes and dreams right now. We want to make sure that we are preparing the school for the future, and we want to make sure that if there are spaces that can make it happen, we can continue to evolve in terms of what that space might mean to us.

Since it is adjacent to the campus, the location was a factor in the decision to purchase the property, he said, adding that “this is a good size lot and we know the proximity and size offer us options “.

When the school is ready to convert the property for use, the plans will be submitted to community groups for review, Duffy said.

On November 4, the La Jolla Town Planning Association approved the proposed vacations of municipal property on part of Cuvier Street across from the Bishop campus, with half of the land vacant – 8,061 square feet. – going to school. Plans for this property have not been confirmed, but school officials have said a dance studio is a possibility. ??

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