Black People Eats Founder Raises Money to Make Chicago a Difference Nonprofit

CHICAGO – It’s the season to give, a message Jeremy Joyce says he doesn’t take lightly.

While so many organizations are working to help others struggle over the holidays, Joyce is using her platform to help.

“I will continue to be a blessing to nonprofit organizations. It’s in the Chicago community, ”he said. “It’s important to give back. They do the daily leg work. And a lot of people don’t see it, but they leave footprints in the ground. ”

Joyce is the founder of Black People Eats, LLC, a business he says connects people with black-owned food and beverage businesses across the country and beyond.

He’s using his platform to help communities in need with his fourth annual 12 Days of Christmas fundraiser through GoFundMe.

The goal: to raise thousands of dollars and surprise an organization that is making a difference in a poor community.

Last year, Feed, Dress, Help the Needy (FCHN) received the surprise money.

“It’s been such a big, big help to us,” said Shelia Price. “With this money we were able to get a heating system and we still had money to distribute food and clothes to people. So that was all.

Joyce said being able to help your community is an amazing feeling.

“My mom and dad brought me here when I was a kid to really be a servant of the community and to really know what it means to give back,” Joyce said. “Giving back is amazing. ”

Every dollar donated will allow donors to enter a raffle to win a dinner for two at two restaurants owned by Blacks in the community. He adds that he is still compiling the list.

As for the recipients, Joyce said he couldn’t reveal which organization would receive the funding. His reason: he doesn’t want to spoil the surprise.

But Joyce says he will announce it when the fundraiser ends on December 12. But until then, he needs the audience’s help to achieve the goal.

“We’re going to have a day where we really give them a check because we paid close attention to what they were doing,” Joyce said. “Our goal is $ 3,000. So we can truly be a blessing to them.

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