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There is perhaps no classier drink than the iconic martini. From the sleek glass to the traditional olive garnish, sipping on a crisp martini can make anyone feel like royalty (just ask Kris Jenner). While the salty martini made with olive juice is considered the classic, there are many ways to master the art of a drink made famous by Bond…James Bond. From espresso martinis to those with a twist of lemon, these are our favorite places to sip a martini in Los Angeles. Best Martinis Los Angeles

Martini to order absolutely: Dirty Martini with Reyka Vodka

Credit: Stefanie Parkinson

What looks like a stunning white neighborhood house is actually one of LA’s hottest nightlife spots. Located in Santa Monica, just one block from the beach, The Victorian is a place to see. With three floors featuring epic DJ lineups, a Mediterranean-inspired menu, and a weekly happy hour, order a dirty martini with Reyka Vodka and dance the night away.

Location: Santa Monica

Best Martinis Los Angeles

Martini to order absolutely: Freedman’s House Martini

Greek at Silver Lake features a Mediterranean-inspired patio that features stunning blue glassware and vine-covered walls. Greek cuisine is authentic and refreshing, making it the perfect place to enjoy bites and a cold martini. The Freedmen’s House Martini in particular lets you choose between gin and vodka, and the bitters give it a more lemony, grassy aftertaste. As a starter, pair your martini with very lemony potatoes and marinated olives and feta.

Location: Silver Lake

Martini to order absolutely: my lovely lady

Credit: Perch LA

Located on the 15th floor of Pershing Square, Perch offers a glamorous rooftop setting for a truly elevated experience. Whether you’re looking to dine out or stop for a drink as the sun sets, the My Fair Lady cocktail brings a refreshing, fruity twist to a typical martini. Made with crisp Reyka Icelandic Vodkathe flavors of lime, cranberry and peach cream come together to create a cocktail that is both sweet and subtle.

Location: DTLA

Best Martinis Los Angeles

Martini to order absolutely: Marla’s Martini

Whether you’re looking to sit on the bougainvillea-covered terrace for a vibrant cocktail or want to experience live music on Tuesdays, Bar Flores is a beloved staple in the heart of Echo Park. While there are several different craft cocktails, Marla’s Martini puts an innovative spin on a traditional concoction by using chamomile and lemon oils. It’s refreshing and citrusy without being overly sweet, which makes it beautifully balanced.

Location: Echo Park

Essential Martini: Southside Fizz

Credit: PIXELLAB / Sunset Tower Hotel

The Sunset Tower Hotel is known for its star-studded history, vintage charm, and celebrity clientele. Whether you’re seated at the elegant tower bar or by the picturesque pool, Southside Fizz blends elements of a martini with bubbly Prosecco, creating a chic, light cocktail that can be enjoyed any time of the day. Fresh lime and mint give a natural taste while the use of Vodka Reyka keep things clean.

Location: West Hollywood

Best Martinis Los Angeles

Martini to order absolutely: The Maybourne Martini

Located near Rodeo Drive, The Maybourne is an exclusive and stylish hotel that offers several dining and drinking options. From the dimly lit whiskey and cigar bar to the outdoor terrace, The Maybourne is the perfect place to stop for a midday martini while shopping. The Maybourne Martini uses gin to create an avant-garde, light and invigorating botanical cocktail. Thanks to the vermouth, however, it maintains the beloved dryness that most martinis are known for.

Location: Beverly Hills

Martini to order absolutely: Meet me on Mulholland

The Rendition Room is a sultry speakeasy that takes patrons back in time to the Golden Age of Hollywood. Rather than vodka, the Meet Me on Mulholland martini uses gin to create a drink full of flavor and herbals. Lavender bitters give it a floral aroma and taste while cucumber and lime add refreshing qualities. The egg white mousse then creates a new dynamic with an unfamiliar texture, making this innovative approach to a dynamic and delicious martini.

Location: Studio City

Best Martinis Los Angeles

Essential Martini: Extra Dirty Vodka Martini

From the exposed brick walls of the dining room to the bistro-style patio, Café Stella is a romantic spot that feels straight out of France. The menu features French dishes like escargot and beef tartare, and although they have a wonderful wine list, Café Stella does a mean martini. Keep it simple with an extra dirty martini, but ask for it to be made with Vodka Reyka for an optimal level of freshness.

Location: Silver Lake


Essential Martini: Provence Martini

Take it to the next level with Camphor’s Provençal martini in the arts district. This modern French bistro features a marble bar and an open kitchen design, creating a sophisticated yet welcoming atmosphere for customers. As well as being washed down with French olive oil, the vodka used in the martini de Provence is also infused with Herbes de Provence, transporting drinkers to the French countryside. The silver platter it is served on is an added bonus.

Location: DTLA

Best Martinis Los Angeles

Martini to order absolutely: Italian work

Credit: Providence

When it comes to fine dining, Providence is a revered destination that emphasizes seafood and sustainability in a timeless setting featuring blue velvet chairs and abstract wall art. Beverage director Kim Stodel’s new tabletop cocktail program lets diners grab a drink and a show. If you are a truffle lover, the Italian Job Martini is sure to hit the mark thanks to the infusion of black truffle and hazelnut. Plus, the ricotta-stuffed olives are the most satisfying topping.

Location: Hollywood

Martini to order absolutely: Classic Martini with a touch of caviar

1 credit

Grandmaster Recorders is undoubtedly one of the coolest restaurants in Hollywood. Between the quaint rooftop and the chic 71 Studio Bar, ordering a martini at this former (and legendary) recording studio is almost as satisfying as drinking one. The classic martini is served very chilled and can be made with gin or vodka, but elevating your drink with a “bump” of caviar is the way to go. The salty taste of the caviar makes the martini even tastier, resulting in a combo worthy of a rockstar.

Location: Hollywood

Best Martinis Los Angeles

Martini to order absolutely: Espresso Martini

1 credit

Although martinis are most often made with vodka or gin, Gran Blanco takes an innovative approach by using tequila in its famous espresso martini. The warm and bohemian interior includes many comfortable sofas where you can relax while sipping your martini. Flavor-wise, the espresso is rich without being bitter, and the amaro gives it aromatic intensity. If you fancy something sweet, pair your martini with Nemesis Flourless Chocolate Cake.

Location: Venice

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]]> Where to find the best cafe de olla in Los Angeles Wed, 29 Jun 2022 01:43:00 +0000

The scorching summer temperatures are already here, which means it’s the perfect time of year to enjoy a piping hot café de olla. It’s a nostalgic joke among the Mexican diaspora that we appreciate hot liquids in scorching weather.

The caffeinated cup of coffee infused with cinnamon, piloncillo, anise, cloves and a hint of grated orange peel is a classic comfort drink. For many first-generation Latinos, one sip brings them home to Abuelita. For others, café de olla reminds them of their home country, Mexico.

“I’m Oaxaqueña, and in Oaxaca, every day you start the day with a café de olla,” said restaurant owner and chef Rocio Camacho of Rocio’s Mexican Kitchen.

With 12 traditional Oaxacan moles to choose from on its menu, Camacho’s restaurant at Bell Gardens is an ode to his Oaxacan roots. But Camacho vividly remembers the first thing she put on her breakfast menu when she opened the doors to her restaurant: café de olla.

“My restaurant’s specialty is mole, but after that is café de olla,” Camacho said.

Café de olla literally translates to coffee in a pot, as traditionally the drink is brewed in a clay pot. It will look a lot like drip coffee, but you’ll quickly notice the difference when you smell the cinnamon sticks the coffee is brewed with and taste the distinct sweetness of the piloncillo The drink is traditionally served hot, but chilled variations appear in LA, including cold beers and iced lattes.

Most Mexican coffee is produced in the states of Chiapas, Oaxaca, Veracruz and Puebla. Historians date the arrival of coffee in Mexico to the late 18th century. The exact date when café de olla was first created is unknown. But what we do know is that the café de olla played a big role in the Mexican revolution. Revolutionary women, also known as adelitas, prepared café de olla for soldiers before they went into battle.

Since then, coffee, especially café de olla, has become deeply embedded in Mexican culture.

In Southern California, a good cafe de olla is usually found at a Mexican restaurant like El Huarachito in Lincoln Heights, which has been in business for more than two decades. In recent years, more and more cafes across Los Angeles are offering café de olla. For Latin cafés, like La Monarca, café de olla is a menu staple that can be enjoyed year-round.

As more and more young Latinos begin to make their mark on the Los Angeles coffee world, cafes like Cruzita’s in Huntington Park and Picaresca in Boyle Heights are beginning to offer their own versions of café de olla.

“It’s a nostalgic drink,” said Elisa Hoyos, co-owner of Picaresca.

Hoyos grew up in Lincoln Heights and frequently visited El Huarachito with her family for its delicious food and café de olla. Now a café owner, Hoyos, along with his business partner Leo Abularach, offers a new take on the nostalgic café de olla recipe.

“We absolutely wanted to have items on the menu that spoke to our community,” Hoyos said. So they created a syrup with traditional café de olla ingredients that they add to the iced and hot lattes.

In addition to Picaresca, below is a list of nine LA cafes that have mastered café de olla.

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