Chicago-Based Portillo’s Hot Dog Restaurant Comes to Texas

An Italian beef sandwich at Portillo's on July 9, 2014.

An Italian beef sandwich at Portillo’s on July 9, 2014.


Famous Chicago-based hot dog restaurant Portillo’s could arrive in North Texas next year, according to reports in Forbes and the Chicago Tribune.

The company declined to comment to the Star-Telegram on the possible opening of a store, but Forbes reported that Texas is the product of Portillo’s No. 1 ships in the state, citing Chicago’s cold winters pushing locals North Texas as the reason for this high volume.

Portillo went public on October 21 and jumped more than 50% in hours, Forbes reported. While the company currently only has locations in nine states, it plans to use the money from its initial public offering to pay off debt and make its expansion into places like North Texas more viable.

The company hopes to open a store in the Dallas market next year, according to Forbes, along with three other locations. Two new locations are expected to open in the fourth quarter of 2021.

The company has not released any information on the exact date and location of this new store.

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