Cooking Oil Saver OiLCchef, Inspires Restaurant Owners with Hope and Saves 50% on Deep Fryer Oil Purchases at the NRA Show in Chicago

Eco-Friendly Options for the Foodservice Industry

CEO Sean Farry and his son at Expo Chicago 2022

CEO and Sons at Expo Chicago 2022

OiLCChef provides the food service industry with an innovative and environmentally friendly device to save 50% on cooking oil in fryers, which doubles the life of frying oil

Save 50% on cooking oil purchases for your deep fryers with OiLCchef and reduce your carbon footprint today – healthier eating, healthier profits »

-Sean Farry

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA, May 21, 2022 / — Eco Friendly Chef Corp. headlines at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago. With the world’s largest foodservice expo opening for the first time since the COVID shutdown two years ago, tens of thousands of visitors have found hope with the OILChef device that can double the lifespan cooking oil in fryers.

Since the start of Ukraine’s war with Russia, the already rising cost of cooking oil has reached new heights. Ukraine and Russia are the world’s largest producers of sunflower oil and this raw material supply has dwindled in recent months, creating new demand for other base oils such as canola, vegetable and soy. . This increased demand on a limited supply has driven the cost of cooking oils up 300% from a year ago and the restaurant and hospitality industry has been looking for a way to stem the tide of these cost increases.

The award-winning OiLCChef device has given new hope to most of these operators and to be able to NOW produce twice as much high quality food per pound/liter of cooking oil, saves approximately 50% on oil purchases.

Founder and CEO Sean Farry says “We are pleased to provide an easy to use, cost effective solution that takes just 3 seconds to install and only needs to be replaced every 3 years, without OiLCChef, the industry could see the first $10 serving of fries on menus.

The National Restaurant Show in Chicago attracts nearly a hundred thousand visitors from around the world and it’s great to be back!”


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How OilChef saves you 50% on cooking oil

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