Deadline Detroit | Branch County Restaurant Owner Who Defied Michigan Closures Dies of Covid

In a story of multi-angle unease, the owner of a southern Michigan restaurant, who kept his restaurant open in defiance of closing orders last year, has died of, yes, Covid-19.

John Parney father. (Photo: GoFundMe)

At the time, John Parney Sr. said he had a good reason to stay open: his wife’s illness and its associated costs. It is not known why he went unvaccinated months later when he contracted the disease.

MLive Reports:

John Parney Sr., 62, died on December 14. He owned the Quincy Diner, 174 E. Chicago St. (US 12) in the village of Quincy. He kept the restaurant open in December 2020, in violation of the partial closure ordered by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

“My wife is battling stage four colon cancer,” Parney said in December 2020. “We depend on this restaurant to help subsidize billing and all that. My employees need it. Of course, if I had stayed. closed any longer, I would have lost the business.

In a stinging irony, his wife, Paula, still has cancer but “is doing very well,” according to his sister.

John Parney was hospitalized in September for three days. His sister-in-law said that even though he was not vaccinated, he “told his family that he was planning to get the vaccine after being released from the hospital because the virus was worse than even training. hardest military man he has endured “. Unfortunately, he was readmitted to hospital two days later and never left.

So you can laugh at Parney’s challenge to the pandemic measures and feel he got what was happening to him, or cry again, our nation’s fucked up healthcare system has forced a man to risk his life for pay hospital bills.

The Quincy Diner is a small structure that sits next to US-12 and was not Parney’s entire source of income; he also held a second job at the Firekeepers Casino in Battle Creek. The Quincy Diner qualified for PPP loans, according to a GoFundMe post on the couple’s fate, but it was not enough to cover their expenses.

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