Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed hacked his wife’s phone with Pegasus spyware, London court says

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, hacked the phone of his ex-wife, Princess Haya, with whom he was embroiled in a long custody battle, using the controversial Israeli spyware Pegasus from NSO Group, a London court. ruled on Wednesday. The judgment, which was drafted in May but was only released today due to a series of unsuccessful al-Maktoum appeals, says the surveillance took place “with express authority. or implied “of the sheikh. The presiding judge wrote: “The findings represent a total breach of trust, and even an abuse of power, to a large extent. The court heard that Haya’s phone had been hacked several times while the divorce proceedings were ongoing. Two of his lawyers’ phones were also hacked. In a submission, Princess Haya said: “I feel like I’m being stalked… It’s extremely oppressive… I feel like I can’t breathe; one has the impression of suffocating. I don’t want children to live with the kind of fear that runs through my life all the time. They don’t deserve this. ” Courts in London have previously found al-Maktoum, who is also Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, a key British ally in the Middle East, guilty of organizing the kidnapping of two of his other children, Princess Latifa and the Princess Shamsa.

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