Everything we know about Alexa Alfia and her family

Love is blind Season 3 returned on October 19 and audiences watched as five new couples popped the question and pledged to marry someone on sight. Nick and Vanessa Lachey have returned as hosts, and Netflix is ​​giving us a few episodes a week. This week, the streaming platform dropped episodes 5-7, and we watched the cast meet the families of their loved ones. Here’s everything we know about Love is blind star Alexa Alfia and her family.

[WARNING: This article contains detailed spoilers regarding Love Is Blind Season 3 Episodes 1-7.]

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‘Love Is Blind’ star Alexa Alfia asks her fiancé Brennon Lemieux for a prenup in Episode 6

After the couples hang out in Malibu, they back to Dallas to meet families and prepare for their wedding. Alexa takes Brennon into his spacious apartment to show him around, and they sit down to discuss future finances. Brennon tells Alexa that he owes about $32,000 on his student loans, and she replies that she “really only has his online shopping bills.”

Alexa continues, “I always want to be comfortable, like, where we can go to dinner and travel and stuff like that. For me, I never want to have to worry about money.

(Who does, Alexa?)

Brennon explains that having no money is also a big fear for him after growing up not knowing how his family would get their next meal. He tells Alexa that he’s started saving a little for a house in the future, prompting Alexa to say, “I want to be a stay-at-home mom eventually; I really want to do a prenup too.

All signs point to Alexa being used to a wealthy lifestyle, something Brennon didn’t experience growing up. Brennon even says, “You clearly have more money than me.” However, he tells her to “put whatever she wants in the contract” and he will sign it.

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Adam Alfia’s net worth and more about Alexa’s family

According LinkedIn, Alexa works as an insurance agent and owns Alexa Alfia Allstate Agency. Alexa has a supposed net worth of $700,000. When we meet Alexa’s family at Love is blind Season 3, her father, Adam, makes some comments to Brennon about giving Alexa the lifestyle she grew up with.

No stranger to wealth himself, Adam founded the company Real Time Feedback. LinkedIn describes it as “a customer engagement platform that allows customers to interact directly with businesses in real time.”

The description continues: “Customers submit unobtrusive reviews that are sent in real-time to owners and managers of a business. The company can respond using the in-app two-way chat feature to work with the customer to resolve any complaints. Once the issue is resolved, the business can send the customer a link to give them a positive review of the business. »

Adam’s net worth is not publicly available, but it looks like he and his wife, Morgan, are more than comfortable. It also has a few high-end nightclubs and a restaurant called Cutie Pies Pizza.

Love Is Blind Season 3 Star Alexa Alfia Has Multiple Siblings

During his time in the pods during Love is blind Season 3, Alexa mentions her many siblings. She explains to Brennon how close her family is and she misses seeing them while filming the show. Alexa has six siblings in total – an older sister named Arielle Alfia, two younger brothers, a half-brother, and a younger sister named Emma. During filming, she spoke specifically about Emma and her closeness to her younger sister.

Love is blind Season 3 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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