Federal case in Charlotte could set precedent nationwide

(QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Seven days ago, President Joe Biden warned people.

“The Watch Dogs are back and we’re going to prosecute the criminals who stole billions in relief money meant for small businesses and millions of Americans,” Biden said during the state of the day address. Union.

The crackdown on fraudulent Paycheck Protection Program loans is on the Justice Department’s radar.

Business has started to unfold in the Queen City with opening arguments in the ‘La Shish Kabob’ restaurant case.

The government alleges that Izzat Freitekh and his son Tarik Freitekh fraudulently obtained $1.7 million. The government says bogus claims were submitted by three companies, including La Shish Kabob restaurant and La Shish Catering.

“We suffered pain and it was time, next week the whole world will know the truth and justice will prevail,” Tarik Freitekh said as he left the US courthouse in Charlotte.

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Queen City News chief legal correspondent Seema Iyer was in the courtroom talking to one of the defendants as he left the federal courthouse.

Iyer said this case could set a precedent for others facing similar charges given the president’s words and the track record of prosecutors in the Western District of North Carolina.

“Other federal prosecutors sometimes don’t go after the little guys, but here in Charlotte they go after everyone. They try a lot of cases here,” Iyer added.

The government says it has recovered $1.3 million from the La Shish Kabob case and authorities will seek more.

“There’s no crime that’s too small,” Iyer added. “Why wouldn’t you even prosecute someone who, say, filed a false document for a $500 loan?”

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