Final preparations underway for the inauguration of the Flagship City Food Hall

After years of preparation, the Flagship City Food Hall is scheduled to open next week.

For most of its new restaurateurs, it was a golden opportunity to finally make their dreams come true. For many of them, this opportunity was one that they could not pass up and that they could not accomplish without help.

Perfect timing, perfect placement and a perfect fit. This is what prompted Krystal Robinson, owner of Taste & See Fruit and Veggie Bar, to open her first restaurant. She said she knew it was important to be in downtown Erie.

“It means accessibility. Not only do we have accessibility to customers that we can be successful in, but customers have accessibility to a diverse range of foods, ”said Krystal Robinson, owner of Taste & See Fruit and Veggie Bar.

A Taste of Love owner Natasha Cooks was busy Friday night getting ready to open her first restaurant. She chose to open at the food hall because it was about time that things changed.

“Change is everything and when you have different vendors in each place and you taste something different every day, you don’t have the same thing. It’s incredible. We don’t have too much downtown. It’s something big and it’s something big, ”said Natasha Cooks, owner of A Taste of Love.

Brian Stark is a chef and baker at Blue Willow Bakery & Café. The uniqueness drew him to the dining room rather than a stand-alone restaurant.

“It was this opportunity here in Erie for me doing it, Dominican, and having other neighbors doing Mediterranean food, it’s really cool,” said Brian Stark, Blue Willow Bakery & Cafe.

Corey Cook, Director of Operations and Logistics at EDDC, says this is a great opportunity for some of the vendors as a starting point and one they might not have missed go elsewhere.

“Some of them come from different backgrounds, maybe they weren’t able to get loans or things to get started. Some are established, so it’s a wide range of groups that are disappearing, ”said Corey Cook, director of operations and logistics at EDDC.

The Flagship City Food Hall opens on Monday. There are a total of nine restaurants under one roof and 160 seats.

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