Governor Hochul announces 2 new programs designed to help struggling restaurants and families

Governor Kathy Hochul on Monday announced two new initiatives during a visit to Brownsville that aim to give a boost to struggling restaurants while helping feed families.

The first initiative aims to help struggling restaurants with a new Restaurant Resilience Program, relieving restaurants facing challenges related to the pandemic.

Governor Hochul also signed a law that would create a statewide dining program, which would require the state office for temporary help and people with disabilities to seek approval from the USDA. , so that SNAP beneficiaries can buy prepared or hot food in restaurants or delicatessens.

“What we’re doing today, by increasing the ability of people to use their SNAP benefits directly in restaurants, is giving our restaurants more money. This is how we start to bring back the state and take care of people in their most vulnerable times, ”Hochul said.

Prior to this legislation, SNAP beneficiaries could not use their benefits to purchase prepared foods, which Hochul says prevents people who are unable to cook or prepare their own meals from using SNAP. advantages.

Through this program, the New York City Food Bank will receive nearly $ 10 million to purchase prepared meals at local restaurants and deliver them to families in need.

Restaurants wishing to participate in the Restaurant Resilience Program will first need to apply to be eligible.

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