Green Street Eatery is LI’s first vegan and gluten-free restaurant

LEVITTOWN, NY — Vegan and gluten-free dining options have grown on Long Island in recent years, but the island hasn’t had a fully vegan and gluten-free restaurant until now. The owners of Levittown-based Green Street Food Truck opened a physical store this month at 7 Emerson Avenue in Levittown, three years after the food truck launched.

Caroline Weaver partnered with husband and wife team Matt and Lauren Korsky to renovate what she said in Patch to be a “run down subway location” with promising outdoor space just off Hempstead Turnpike.

The three owners adopted a vegan lifestyle in different ways: Weaver began exploring the diet while caring for his mother with cancer in his native England, while Matt found that vegan food helped fuel his training in the Ironman triathlon. Lauren found out she suffered from celiac disease after pregnancy, and when the couple bumped into Weaver during a yoga class, their common interest in self-taught vegan recipes melted into Green’s idea. Street Eatery.

The vegan food from Korsky’s food truck was popular with vegans and non-vegans alike, and the food truck won several of Long Island’s best awards. The restaurant allows the trio to expand the menu and offer more menu items.

The restaurant isn’t always healthy all the time, says Weaver. Lauren makes the vegan and gluten-free desserts and there are items like a grilled macaroni and a cheese sandwich.

“But a lot of people come to our house to check out vegan food, which can be intimidating,” says Weaver.

“They come to try it out and see what they think about it.”

The menu gives a vegan twist to classics, even at brunch like French toast and empanadas for breakfast. There is a peach smoothie and roasted vegetables in a variety of preparations.

The Green Street Food Truck will continue to be available for private events and catering.

So far, Weaver said the community is welcoming and business is booming.

“The food truck had become so popular,” she explained, “that it was now or never.”

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