Ice Creamatory in Norman will serve Halloween scares year-round

Jimmy and Melissa Mikowski say they’ve never seen anything like they’re trying to do in East Village in Norman. They had seen horror-centric cafes or witch-themed beer halls in New York, but never a Halloween-style ice cream parlour.

The Ice Creamatory, a horror-themed ice cream shop on 12th Avenue in southeast Norman, opened Friday night, just in time for the Halloween holiday. The boutique is the realization of a lifelong dream for Jimmy Mikowski, who had wanted to start his own business since he was 17 years old.

“We’re just a mom and pop shop,” Jimmy said. “It’s hard-earned money from us. We don’t have loans or anything like that. We saved all our money. And we knew we had to get out of New York because things were getting too expensive. and too rough. My wife raised Oklahoma. I didn’t count. We took a trip and fell in love with it.

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As the name of the shop suggests – a pun on the ovens used to cremate the dead – The Ice Creamatory embraces a spooky aesthetic. A small black coffin sits in one corner, with gothic hangers for imitation swords and maces mounted on the purple walls above. Across the street is a TV showing popular Halloween movies like “Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride” and “Coraline,” and Jack-o-Lanterns with menacing grins greet customers at every counter.

“We’re both horror lovers,” Jimmy said of himself and his wife, Melissa. “We take annual trips to haunted houses, so we’ve been in the horror for some time. When I was a kid, “it” really scared me, but once you get older you start to be intrigued by the movie. Pennywise is what got me into horror.

Melissa and Jimmy Mikowski at the Ice Creamatory in Norman.

The Halloween fandom is also reflected in the menu names, which allude to horror classics such as “Friday the 13th”, “Nightmare on Elm Street” and “House of 1000 Corpses”.

One such menu item, the “Mrs. Voorhees Special,” includes a slice of apple pie mixed with vanilla or chocolate ice cream, and topped with whipped cream, miniature graham crackers, Apple Jacks cereal and with a drizzle of caramel.

Desserts are mixed using special machines that look like giant corkscrews, which allow the Mikowskis to mix any combination of ice cream and toppings to a customer’s request.

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Ice Creamatory's reception at Norman is full of nods to Halloween-related imagery, including Jack-o'-lanterns, calavera skull and flowers and merchandise from the horror punk band Misfits.

“They’re unique in the way we can take any of our regular ice creams and make soft cream out of them, or mix anything up and make a milkshake out of them,” Jimmy said. “Again, I’m an ice cream fanatic, so when I really got my hands on it, I said, ‘Yeah, that’s something I could definitely take. “”

Jimmy said he was inspired by his uncle’s business, Spoons, an ice cream and cereal bar, on Long Island, New York. He decided that combining two of his own passions – ice cream and horror movies – would help a similar business stand out among the many Oklahoma City subway dessert shops.

The Mikowskis sold their Long Island home and said they used the proceeds from the sale to further invest in the business.

Melissa Mikowski stands at the counter at The Ice Creamatory in Norman.  A huge fan of horror movies, Melissa was the driving force behind much of the shop's interior design.

Daniel Kneuer, who served in a leadership role during the store’s soft launch this weekend, followed his friends from their home on Long Island to Oklahoma. He said he was impressed with the kindness shown to them by local building contractors and customers as they finalized the details of their opening with the city.

“Everyone has been really friendly with us here,” Kneuer said. “For (the Mikowskis), I think it really helped because they tried to figure things out. And with where they are already, I’m really excited to see what they’re doing to keep things going seasonally in the spring and summer.

About 60 people showed up on the first night of The Ice Creamatory on Friday, Kneuer said. The next day, more than 100 people visited the shop from afternoon to night. The Sunday night before Halloween saw another 50 people.

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The blenders at Ice Creamatory in Norman are designed to look like corkscrews.  The unique design makes it easier for them to mix various types of dessert ingredients, including candy and cereal, with the ice cream.

The Ice Creamatory opened in the square of a Norman shopping center near a CVS pharmacy and a popular ramen restaurant. So far, most customers at the new store have been families, though the Mikowskis hope word-of-mouth will reach students who live a few blocks away.

“We want people to know that this is not a pop-up store, that we’re going to carry this Halloween theme all year round,” Jimmy said. “Melissa and I are both in love with horror movies, and they keep coming out just because the season ends, so we try to share that kind of spirit with anyone who shares that enthusiasm as well.

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