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CHICAGO (CBS) – Between Lollapalooza and some restaurants in Chicago, you may need to prove your COVID-19 vaccination status.

But carrying your Centers for Disease Control and Prevention vaccination record means there’s a higher risk of losing it. So what if you do?

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As CBS 2’s Marie Saavedra reported, the first tip is to do whatever you can to make sure you don’t. But it can be replaced if so.

How this happens depends on where you got the card.

Nora Fitzpatrick of Oak Lawn is among 5 million Illinois residents who have been vaccinated against the novel coronavirus. She also carried her CDC vaccination record with her.

“Just with all the rules changing, in case I was in a place where I needed to present the card, I would have it on hand,” she said.

Fitzpatrick said someone stole his purse over the weekend with his card in it. And so began her search for how to replace him, starting with where she got her vaccines – CVS.

“They basically said okay, where you got your picture from is where you should – they can issue you another card,” she says. “But I got my photo at 2.5 o’clock.

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She was ready to drive back north to Hoopeston, Ill. From Oak Lawn – but she didn’t have to. CVS has confirmed to us that if you lose your card, any of their pharmacies can print your record showing that you took the photo.

The same goes for Walgreens, where all sites can write replacement cards. Jewel-Osco recommends that you return to the pharmacy where you were vaccinated for a new one – if you’ve been to a Jewel Clinic, any of their stores will do.

When it comes to mass vaccination sites, it all depends on who ran them. If it was Cook County, any site or clinic in the county will issue a replacement card. If it was the state, you will fill in the form found on this link, requesting your immunization records.

Luckily for Fitzpatrick, it was just a matter of calling his local CVS.

“Once they can determine that I was in their system, it’s a lot easier,” she said.

She said she would get her new card back at the end of the week.

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As for those who have been vaccinated at clinics run by the City of Chicago and need a new card, there is a specific email address, [email protected], which you must email to request a new one. More information is available here.

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