New law to protect restaurants from misleading delivery services

CHICAGO — A new law sponsored by State Sen. Emil Jones (D-Chicago) that will protect restaurants, bars and other businesses from deceptive delivery services was signed into law Friday.

“Restaurants have long been victims of deceptive delivery services that take advantage of and profit from the company’s hard work,” Jones said. “This law protects businesses and helps them to thrive.

House Bill 3205, also known as the Fair Food and Retail Delivery Act, prohibits third party delivery companies from publishing any menu, trademark or other intellectual property without the express written consent of restaurants, bars and retail establishments in detail.

Third-party delivery services are prohibited by law from listing non-partner restaurants or retailers on their platform. Multiple reports indicate that these delivery services listed menus and items without the knowledge or consent of the restaurant or retailer.

Small businesses and restaurants need our support,” Jones said. “Being able to control your brand and where it is sold and marketed to is an essential part of running a business. That’s why we’re giving back the reins to our community businesses when it comes to consent on delivery services.

House Bill 3205 was signed into law by the governor on Friday and takes effect immediately.


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