Northport woman makes a green mark on Maine restaurants and markets

NORTHPORT, Maine (WABI) – What started as a couple of seedlings and a way to help an undiagnosed autoimmune disease is now growing into a successful business.

“I started taking pictures of wheatgrass that I grew myself and I was getting so much energy and I felt so much more awake, alive and cognitive coming back. I just started doing it at the farmer’s market and from there we created Graze grass, our best-selling juice,” said owner Kate Hall.

In addition to wheatgrass, she has grown microgreens in her basement to bring to local restaurants.

They are tiny vegetable shoots harvested before cell division.

Hall says the nutrients and energy are then condensed into a very small part of the plant.

“I kind of developed this appreciation for farming and farming and I could see why my dad was so into it and my mom worked really, really hard developing the land and creating livestock and creating a mode really sustainable living and it was just really appealing and really exciting,” Hall said.

This led to the creation of a sustainable business that involved more of the agriculture she had come to love.

“We try to get all of our products from local farmers. We grow all the microgreens and wheatgrass here on our farm that we use so much the energy transfer is, we harvest it and juice it within an hour,” Hall said.

After success at the United Farmers Market in Belfast and with chefs at places like Lost Kitchen and the Tarratine Club, she decided to open her own juice bar.

Then the pandemic hit.

“I realized at that point that we had to think of a way to let people know, so wholesale and bottling and getting all of that under contract was the next step,” Hall said.

Hall says she spent the start of the pandemic homeschooling her son, juicing more fruits and vegetables while growing her business.

She drew inspiration from her past life as a fashion designer in New York to bring her bottles to life.

“I was really drawn to the texture and the layers, the layering of the fabric, the compositions and definitely the color was huge. Just seeing and working with nature and working with the micro greens and all the beautiful colors, especially with flowers too, and being able to design these really fun labels that speak to my heart with color and my appreciation for nature, it all comes together,” says Hall.

The brightly colored bottles can now be found on the shelves of Markets and Co-ops across the MidCoast and beyond.

We’re told that if you’re looking for a natural boost, pasture grass or wheatgrass might be the way to go.

“You get a really strong boost in your immune system; you also get a lot of really good antioxidants which help fight all the free radicals and just a really good detox. You turn over all those cells that might be damaged and not helping you stay healthy,” Hall said.

From the original Graze weed to new health and wellness cocktails, Hall says this year she’s looking forward to expanding her wholesale business and expanding her space.

She says she is ready for whatever comes next.

“If it’s green, drink it, I’d say you’ll be really surprised,” Hall said.

To find Graze products, you can go to their website.

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