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Faulkner County College Court reviewed and discussed two orders on Tuesday. There was also a discussion, as tax revenue was an unexpected bright spot in departmental reports.

The meeting was originally scheduled for the previous week but was delayed due to bad weather.

The two orders were both presented in court as “house cleaning” orders, which is typical of the county government working on accounting matters.

The first was to transfer funds to different lines within the General County to specific departments. All 14 allowances were as low as 8 cents, transferring money from general expenses to overtime, up to $ 35,366.23, as money from the Coronavirus Relief Fund was transferred to the tax fund. criminal justice sales. The latter had been discussed when it was first submitted to the Court’s Budget Committee, as the money received from the relief fund was to be shown as first received as relief fund before being transferred to its intended purpose. to cover expenses related to the pandemic in the country. sheriff’s department.

Judge Kris Kendrick asked about a transfer of $ 2,395 from compensation for workers from Circuit Court 2nd Division to public services. County Clerk Margaret Darter explained that the transfer was due to unforeseen expenses in that department and her workers’ compensation fund was the best choice for the reallocation.

The ordinance passed without opposition.

The second was the transfer of funds to specific departments. This included $ 10,000 at the assessor’s office for an updated phone line.

Justice Tyler Lachowsky ruled in favor of the expense as Faulkner County Assessor Krissy Lewis and staff had worked hard to meet public inquiries and the office needed an updated phone system. .

This ordinance also provided for a transfer of funds to the Soil Conservation Fund and the Extension Office Fund, respectively $ 52,572 and $ 56,138.34. This money was made through the voluntary tax to help support these two departments. It was the first payment of this tax, which was passed by the court last year and reflected the 2020 revenue as a result of the voluntary tax.

This ordinance was also adopted without objection.

Faulkner County Treasurer Scott Sanson in his ministerial report showed that the county’s tax revenues for 2020 exceeded 2021 revenues, with 2021 revenues for January exceeding 2020 by 9.46%, from $ 786,437 to $ 860,830.

In a discussion with the court, Sanson suggested that legislation passed in 2016 allowed the county’s tax revenues to continue, despite pandemic lockdowns, as shoppers shifted to online shopping.

Faulkner County Sheriff Tim Ryals reported that Prison Unit 1, the top security unit, held 141 inmates against a capacity of 118; Unit 2, medium security, had 117 people against 218, the women’s unit held 66 inmates against 88, the juvenile unit held 6 inmates against 16.

The department opened 76 cases and closed 16 in January, Ryals said.

In announcements, Faulkner County Judge Jim Baker said the county has been declared a disaster area by the state, due to the impact of storms last week. He thanked the sheriff’s department for its constant presence on the highways during the weather emergency, and the county road crews, whose work received praise, including from state road personnel.

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