Ramos Bill aims to speed up access to liquor licenses for New York bars and restaurants

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May 19, 2021 By Christina Santucci

The city’s hotel association calls on state lawmakers to pass a bill sponsored by Senator Jessica Ramos that would allow bars and restaurants in the city to get the authority they need to sell drinks alcoholic more quickly.

Currently, only businesses outside of New York are allowed to apply for temporary permits to serve alcohol while their final licenses are being processed. The bill would extend the temporary authorization process at bars and restaurants in the five arrondissements.

Temporary permits are typically processed within 30 days of filing with the State Liquor Authority (SLA) and are valid for 90 days. Meanwhile, obtaining a final liquor license takes about six and a half months – and often longer in New York City, Ramos’ text bill States.

Ramos said in a statement that the legislation would ensure that “the same support and privileges are given to businesses downstate and that all of our restaurants have the tools they need to get back on their feet.”

She joined the New York City Hotel Alliance for a press conference Monday, asking his fellow lawmakers to give the bill the green light before the end of the current session in June.

The alliance is also pushing for passage of other proposed laws – which would continue to allow companies to sell ‘take out’ alcoholic beverages and allow restaurants to continue serving alcohol in non-contiguous outdoor dining areas. .

The organization estimates that 11,000 restaurants in the city are currently participating in the open-air dining program “Open Restaurants”, against 1,500 restaurants with outdoor spaces before the pandemic.

Governor Andrew Cuomo had cleared ‘take out’ and outdoor pandemic service Executive orders released last year, and the SLA has confirmed its website that the measures will continue until June 5 – and may be extended.

But hospitality officials would like the programs to be codified in law – and for businesses in the city to be able to obtain temporary liquor licenses.

“New York’s recovery is really at stake,” Robert Bookman, co-founder and general counsel of the NYC Hospitality Alliance, said in a statement.

Bookman said Gothamist that about 1,000 restaurants in the city have already been approved by their respective community councils, but are stuck in the process of approving their final liquor license, which took months.

“At a time when we should be encouraging and supporting all of our state’s hospitality entrepreneurs to reopen their doors or start new businesses, business owners in New York City are forced to wait. more than five months for the liquor licenses of their companies. need to function, ”Ramos said in a statement.

His bill, which was tabled in January, is currently under consideration by the Senate Inquiries and Government Operations Committee. A accompanying invoice – presented by Assembly member Inez Dickens and co-sponsored by three other Assembly members, including Catalina Cruz – is also being considered by the committee.

The current session of the state legislature is scheduled to end on June 10.

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