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Only those with a coronavirus certificate or recovery certificate can enter cafes and restaurants. A negative PCR test is no longer sufficient, the ETV news program “Aktuaalne kaamera” reported this week.

As the spread of the virus is more likely to occur during events where alcohol is sold, venues must also close their doors before 11 p.m.

“Every hour less causes enormous damage to our business, which is primarily a restaurant-restaurant. In terms of turnover, the loss is about 50%, but in terms of customers, the loss is about 60 to 70%, “he added. Noa’s exclusive restaurant, Tõnis Siigur, told AK.

“Maybe the presentation of the certificate is not a problem, but whereas before people with negative test evidence could also visit, so now these people are not allowed. Now in the context of “a family, for example, if someone in that family does not have the certificate, the whole family will stay away. As a result, the net loss of the custom is high,” he added.

Tiina Kõresoo, owner of the Salt restaurant, confirmed: “There are definitely fewer customers, I think around 40-50% less. As of this week, all Christmas parties have been canceled, not just the holidays. Christmas but all other events “

“This Christmas will be dark. I don’t know how many bookings there will be. It depends on the restrictions,” Siigur said.

During the last restriction period, some restaurants took out loans just to continue, which would not have been the case before.

“We have always taken out loans to make things better, to invest. This time I can’t imagine if we have the option to increase [our loan burden] and if we want it. We probably don’t, ”Siigur said.

Restaurateurs agree that the government, which sets the restrictions, should also think about its compensation measures.

“Alone, and without any help, I’m afraid we won’t survive these months. In a restaurant economy, if you have a few days or a week of vacation full of cancellations, it’s hard to get by. . ”Kõresoo said.

“Whatever type of restrictions, there should be action for them immediately, not deferred action. These deferred measures create bad decisions for entrepreneurs. When we knew the consequences of the measures, it would be easier to save the world. situation. Be it people or something else. This time you could react quickly, not think and wait even with these new restrictions. Nothing is to be expected here, and cutting this time of the evening will not work. nothing either. The immediate action and the corresponding compensation or continue as is, “Siigur said.

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