RTS and Rethink Food announce a partnership to prevent food waste and fight food insecurity

The two mission-driven organizations partner to rescue excess food and provide meals to food-insecure families

NEW YORK, May 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Rethink food and RecycleTrack Systems, Inc. (RTS) today announced a strategic and operational partnership to help divert viable surplus food stocks into New York City away from landfills and provide nutritious meals to the community.

Under the terms of the partnership, RTS, a leader in the waste management and recycling industry, will offer its customers the option of sending their excess food to Rethink Food, which will turn it into nutritious and culturally celebrated in his curator’s kitchen. The meals will then be distributed by community organizations to food-insecure neighbors across the city.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Rethink Food has provided more than seven million meals to communities facing food insecurity, distributed seven days a week in five cities (New York, Nashville, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami), and used 1.2 million pounds of surplus and/or donated food.

Greg Lettierico-founder and CEO of RTS, expressed his excitement about the partnership: “This partnership represents true collaboration between like-minded social organizations. RTS has helped hundreds of customers reduce waste and divert materials such as leftover food from landfills, and Rethink’s food model has proven successful in using surplus food from restaurants, kitchens and businesses to serve millions of meals to people in need. Reducing waste and fighting food insecurity go hand in hand.

“It’s a clear demonstration of how innovation can ensure high-quality, nutritious food gets to those who need it without pumping more food into the food system,” said Matt Jozwiak, Founder and CEO of Rethink Food. “This program will enable businesses to operate more sustainably and support the communities in which they operate. We are thrilled to partner with RTS on this impactful initiative.”

RTS and Rethink Food plan to begin the partnership in New York City and aim to extend it to other common operating markets. Companies that participate will join Rethink Food’s network of partners across the food ecosystem – including restaurants, food establishments and businesses – by receiving the Rethink Certified designation, which indicates their commitment to integrating community support. in their daily operations to create more sustainable and equitable food. system.

RTS is a waste management and recycling service provider that leverages proprietary technology and an industry-leading sustainability vision to drive transparency and waste reduction. RTS serves thousands of customers across the country, including hundreds of restaurants and hotels, as well as large office buildings, professional sports stadiums, universities and municipalities. Recently, the company acquired Ambrosiaa newark– installation based on the transformation of food scraps into natural household cleaning solutions. In July, Secure RTS $35 million in Series C financing from a group of investors led by Citigroup’s Impact Fund for Sustainable Investing.

In 2022, New York City should deploy its new “Commercial waste areafor transporting business-generated waste, recyclables and leftover food. RTS plans to serve several commercial areas and encourage food donations through partnerships like this.

About Recycle Track Systems, Inc.
Recycle Track Systems, Inc. is at the forefront of a better way to manage waste and recycling. RTS combines technology with high quality service to make waste disposal easier, smarter and more responsible. From on-demand collection to fully integrated waste management solutions, RTS helps businesses and municipalities easily track and optimize their collections. Through data analytics, RTS gives customers visibility into their waste habits and tangible numbers on their climate impact to improve their waste and recycling practices. RTS is a certified B-Corporation, which reflects its dedication and commitment to meeting strict standards of transparency and environmental performance. For more information, visit rts.com. For more information on zero waste, go to zerowaste.com.

Instagram/Facebook/Twitter: @RTSgreen
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Facebook: @zero waste

About Rethink Food
Founded in 2017, Rethink Food is a non-profit organization whose mission is to create a more sustainable and equitable food system, where everyone has access to high-quality, nutritious and affordable food.

Through its flagship program called Rethink Certified, Rethink Food works with restaurants, kitchens and businesses to prepare nutritious, culturally celebrated meals for food-insecure communities. Rethink Food also operates a curated kitchen that prepares 8,500 meals a week using a mix of purchased, donated and surplus foods. Since April 2020Rethink Food provided over 7 million meals to local communities, used 1.2 million pounds of surplus and/or donated food, directed to $30 million to more than 115 restaurants and food establishments across New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Nashville, washington d.c., and Miami, and has partnered with more than 180 community organizations to distribute meals. For more information, visit rethinkfood.org and follow us on instagram and LinkedIn.

SOURCE Recycling Track Systems (RTS)

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