Single mom Charlotte receives community support during pandemic

Kristin Hayes lost a PPP loan, but the local community came together to support this single mother’s small business.

CHARLOTTE, NC – Like many single parents, Kristin hayes has faced quite a challenge over the past year. Not only is she trying to keep her daughter healthy and on track, but she has also been successful in keeping her business afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to a lot of help from the community.

Hayes spent years working as a single mom to start her jewelry business.

“My daughter’s early years he was trying to keep my name there, and when she got to kindergarten I was able to push harder with my business,” Hayes said. “I had more time.”

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His work with metals was featured in magazines, as well as on the cover of some publications. In recent years, her small business has exploded so much that she needed to rent space for a showroom.

“It has been an interesting time,” said Hayes. “I was lucky. I was renting a space that shut down just before the pandemic started. I actually brought my studio home with the intention of leaving my house again, but God thank you it was a huge saving for me not to have this overhead. rental. “

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Hayes’ business has grown every two years on top of 2020. It simply broke break even last year, even without the cost of the additional rent. At first she was approved for a PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) loan but failed in a frustrating accident.

“I missed this opportunity because I didn’t respond to the email quickly enough,” said Hayes. “It was definitely a moment [that] I was a little disappointed with the process. “

She says everything went well, however, because she got help from a different place.

“My clients have really stepped up to support small businesses and that makes you a little emotional. You can’t help but be grateful,” said Hayes. “Jewelry is not a necessity and you had this feeling, I knew they were buying something for themselves, to cheer themselves up, but I also knew there was a layer just to support small businesses. . “

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And while Hayes predicted 2021 to be a year of growth with a lot of research and development of new products, she is saving her money and standing firm.

“I’m already looking at 2022,” she said. “Like, we’re all going to need our bling for when we’re finally out of the house!”

Like many large companies, Hayes realized that she could do without the extra office space by working away from home, so this is the plan for the foreseeable future.

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