Suburban Forest Park Institutes curfew on bars and restaurants – NBC Chicago

A Chicago suburb has taken an unusual step, instituting a curfew on bars and restaurants that it hopes will limit rowdy behavior, but some business owners fear the policy will negatively impact their businesses. results.

The move comes after a growing number of incidents, some of which have turned violent, have taken place in the suburb of Forest Park. Police chief Tom Aftanas said residents have increasingly complained about excessive noise and physical altercations, especially from those living near Madison Street.

“In March and April alone, we released over 75 local ordinance citations,” he said. “(Mainly) for fighting, loud noise, loud music, and public urination.”

In response to these complaints, a curfew was put in place for at least a month. For the next 30 days, all bars and restaurants in the suburb must close at 11 p.m. Restaurants will be allowed to return to their usual closing hours on June 15, while bars may be limited in their hours until Labor Day.

“It was only done for public safety. Our goal is to get solutions as quickly as possible, ”said Aftanas.

Some bar and restaurant owners have spoken out strongly against the policy change, saying it could impact their bottom line in the same way as time limitations during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have a lot of bars and (a lot) of quiet, neighborly people,” said David Andrade, owner of Slainte Irish Pub. “Will it come back?” Will our crowd come back? Nobody knows.”

Aftanas said officials would visit bar and restaurant owners to discuss the new policy, but said the curfew should remain in place for now.

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