Summary “Before I die”: episode 2

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Sean’s murder has made investigating his disappearance a top priority for the police, but Hannah, Billy and Tina still fear an escape. Tina feels she needs to tell her boss about Sean’s insider source, Issy, but Hannah and Billy convince her to wait and let them pursue their own investigation separately, so she won’t be compromised by Sean’s leak. the police. Billy gets a safe house for them to meet, one step away from the parking lot of the police station.

Using photos from Sean’s laptop, Billy and Hannah tell Tina about the Mimicas, the Croatian family that Sean was watching when he was killed. Most of their family and neighbors were killed in the Bosnian war; the survivors are matriarch Dubravka and her brother-in-law Zvonomir; Bianca, Dubravka’s daughter, who is dating Stefan, recently released from prison; and Davor, the crime boss for the family. Sean has pictures of Davor with a man suggesting Davor is gay, but the rest of the family seem to ignore him.

Davor orders Stefan to retrieve a shipment, then meet an “Andri” on his behalf – and take Hannah’s son Christian, who works at the Mimica family’s restaurant, with him. Christian tries to find out more about the Mimicas’ operations from Stefan, to continue providing information to the police as Issy. Andri is an Albanian who offers a way into the cocaine trade in England – and through him the Mimicas have a way to “krajina”. Stefan won’t go into detail about what the krajina is, except that it’s a big Davor project, and “our past and our future”.

The shipment Davor needs is cannabis, and it is hidden in a shipment of fish, much to Stefan’s disgust. He refuses to do the collecting work, so Christian does it instead, earning the gift of an expensive watch from Davor.

Christian texts Hannah as Issy about meeting Andri at a bowling alley soon, and she decides to sit outside lest her source needs protection. She tries to make contact and discovers to her horror that Issy is her son. The police sirens go off and Stefan rushes Christian, but the sirens have nothing to do with them.

Hannah goes to the police station, whispers to Billy that Issy is a Christian, and collapses from a panic attack.

At the shelter, Billy informs Tina, who decides to end the operation. But Hannah couldn’t reach Christian to tell him to get to safety.

He is close to danger. He and Bianca grow closer and almost kiss, but he pulls back, knocking his jacket to the ground in the process and revealing his two phones (one is his “Issy” burn-in phone). Bianca asks about both phones, but Zvonomir comes in and Christian quickly picks them up and rushes out of the restaurant.

When Christian then enters the restaurant, the Mimicas are celebrating: Dubravka has given his blessing to Bianca and Stefan to marry. But Davor is missing and they realize no one has seen him in a while. Bianca has a phone number that might be a lead, and Christian offers to follow it. Zvonomir gives him a car and a gun.

The number is for a man Davor met. He went to a gay club with Davor the night before, but Davor got into a fight with a drug dealer after he criticized the ketamine he was selling as shoddy and overpriced. (Davor’s lover forgets to mention that he spiked Davor’s drink with said ketamine.) Davor disappeared after that.

Christian gets a name and description from the dealer and recognizes him, possibly from his old life as a drug dealer. He goes to some kind of trailer park brothel and sneaks in to find a drugged Davor who is taken advantage of. Brandishing his gun, Christian shoos him away, shooting at a pursuer’s foot.

Davor gives money to Christian to buy a suit. You work for me now, he said. He asks where Christian learned to handle a gun, and Christian claims it was just by playing video games. Christian also finally decides that he is ready to talk to his mother.

Hannah fears for Christian’s safety and does not want him to continue informing about the Mimicas, but Billy tells her that she may not be able to stop him. Billy suggests he take Christian back as a contact, leaving Hannah unofficially involved; if anything comes out, Billy can pretend that Hannah didn’t know anything about Christian.

Meeting Christian in a remote area, Hannah warns her son of the danger he faces, but he wants to continue on Sean’s behalf. He even bought a recording device hidden in a pen, to use when driving Davor to a meeting with Andri that evening.

Hannah and Billy are waiting outside the meeting. Davor tells Christian to stay in the car, but he doesn’t take the coat Christian slipped his recorder into, so Christian follows him inside. He obtains a recording of the meeting, in which Davor and Andri outline a plan to flood the South East England market with cocaine.

It’s solid evidence, and Billy tells Christian to get away from the Mimicas: the police can take him from here. But Christian refuses, telling Billy and Hannah to give the tape to Tina in order to convince her that he’s a valuable source and that she shouldn’t shut down the operation. He will have more evidence soon, he promises.

As he leaves the hideout, followed by Hannah, Stefan watches from a car.

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