This California pastry is considered the “best” in the state

A cardboard box filled to the brim with sweet and savory confections, ranging from ham and cheese croissants to fruit pies, is a treat for any day of the week.

Everyone has their favorite place to buy one, two or three of their favorite baked goods, but only one store in California, according to Yelp, was considered the best bakery restaurant in the state.

Artelice Patisserie, located in Los Angeles County, took the top spot.

The company was founded by two brothers in 2017 who wanted to share their love of sweet and savory treats with the world, the restaurant’s website said.

Farid Azarang, one of the owners and executive chefs of Artelice Patisserie, credits his restaurant with the highest Yelp ranking because it doesn’t compromise on ingredients.

“We select the best ingredients available on the market. We can produce the best pastries because we use the best ingredients,” Azarang said.

The co-owner said he also felt honored to receive this recognition because he knew it came from the support of loyal customers.

The bakery has two locations in Southern California, one west of Los Angeles and the other in Burbank.

Yelp reviewers say croissants and macaroons are must-have items.

“The restaurant had lovely desserts and the best croissants,” said one reviewer. “Everyone is so friendly.”

Californians who want to try the pastries can visit either location Wednesday through Sunday; hours of operation vary.

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