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VENICE (CBSLA) – Signs requiring customers to wear face masks were back in shop windows along Abbot Kinney in Venice, but that didn’t stop people from enjoying a Sunday night outside.

“There is really nothing we can do. It’s not in our hands, ”said Camila Moreira, Deputy Director at Principessa.

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Moreira said that while they have masks on hand for any customers who might need them, so far no one has been picky about them.

“I understand that a lot of people who have been vaccinated feel like they’ve gone out and doing their part, they feel like, and now it’s kind of like they have to do this again,” he said. she declared.

Jeralyn Wirtz, who was enjoying an ice cream, said she had no problem masking herself again, but wanted the county to make up its mind.

“I’m just confused. One day a week off, but I’m glad they notice it and put our masks on when the numbers go up,” Wirtz said.

Even some healthcare professionals don’t know how effective masking is at this point.

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Internal medicine doctor Dr Jeff Toll said there is no doubt that a mask warrant is slowing the spread of the coronavirus.

“The question is, to what end? said the toll.

“Scientifically and from a common sense point of view, it just doesn’t make sense,” said Dr Daniel Moghadam, “… scientifically doesn’t make sense because you go to a closer environment and then take off your mask , you sit down. So what are you really protecting by putting your mask on in a restaurant waiting room and then removing it? “

The county’s latest mandate for health services requires all residents to cover their faces indoors, regardless of their immunization status. Long Beach, which has its own health department, aligns with LA County.

July 18, 2021. (CBSLA)

For now, Pasadena will not require masks, but city officials are encouraging residents to wear them indoors. San Bernardino, Riverside and Orange counties, however, are saying no to masked warrants, at least for now.

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