What to do with your dog in Los Angeles

It’s good to be a dog in Southern California.

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The City of Angels is truly a magical place to live with your four-legged cherub – ahem, dog. Los Angeles offers a real playground for dogs and their humans, with landscapes that range from bustling city streets to beautiful coastlines in under an hour (depending on traffic, of course).

The town itself is also very dog ​​friendly – as many restaurants and bars have outdoor seating, your well-behaved puppy is almost expected to be with you through everything day (or day). night) reserve for you. And since 75 years old and sunshine are the norm in Los Angeles, outdoor excursions with your four-legged companion by your side are a no-brainer. How lucky to be a dog living in Southern California! Here’s everywhere to go to give them the best weekend ever:

There is nothing more LA than taking a hike to Griffith Observatory. The advantage of the Griffith Park trails is that there is a path for all fitness enthusiasts. The West Observatory Trail is a perfect intermediate level hike – around two hours round trip depending on how far you want to go. There are times of steep inclines mixed with quieter loops, and you get the reward of the great views from the observatory at the top. Remember: there aren’t a lot of shaded areas along the trail so take plenty of water for your puppies. It’s also important to keep in mind that depending on the time of year or day, you can encounter everything from rattlesnakes to coyotes, so keep your dog on a leash during your hike.

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Salazar had the right idea even before the pandemic: the vast terrace-only restaurant is open-air to really get into the Californian vibe. While it can be quite busy on the weekends and you should plan to make a reservation no matter what, there are plenty of tables for you and your puppy to casually eat urban-style tacos and sip the food. ‘one of the deceptively strong mezcal margaritas. .

If you don’t want the chance to get a $ 280 ticket to bring your dog to other Los Angeles beaches, head north on the PCH to Staircase Beach – one of the few oases magic sand where dogs can play freely (on a leash). Plus, it’s arguably one of the most picturesque beaches in Malibu. Google “40,000 Pacific Coast Highway” and you’ll land on a steep cliff overlooking the ocean. Take the path of the stairs to the sand and frolic.

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This gem of Virgil village will make you and your dog feel like you are nestled in a secret cottage away from the hustle and bustle of city life in LA. With an extensive menu of natural wines and daily pop-ups, it’s a perfect intimate hangout – especially if this date is your pup.

Another quintessential place in LA is the Hollywood Sign. While the hike to the sign may be too touristy, a great local hidden gem is the park below. Don’t be afraid of the winding road to get there, however. Your map apps will likely take you through the hills of Beachwood Canyon (be prepared to lose cell service) and then down sharply to the park. Once there, you’ll find dogs galore, people picnicking, and plenty of great photo ops.



Pet parents know weekend plans are best when shared with your dog. And just like playing in the park or running through a dog-friendly brewery strengthens your bond with your puppy, so does eating. CESAR® Dry supports small dog health with 26 essential nutrients, has real meat as the first ingredient, and comes in a 100% complete and balanced dry kibble format for convenient feeding. Plus, with flavors like filet mignon and roast chicken, your dog will get a gourmet treat, every day.

Plan to do this Santa Monica Mountain hike after a good rain to get the full experience at the end of the trail – the beautiful waterfall running through the foliage. It’s a pretty cool, mostly level hike that begins with a walk through an extravagant part of Malibu and then descends through fragrant fennel plants leading you along a beautiful trail with stream crossings, flowers wild and even the occasional rider. Expect a gentle walk suitable for most puppies – the more adventurous dogs can splash in the tidal pool below the falls or test their mountain goat balance on rocky outcrops.

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Before heading out for your day of exploring Highland Park, sit on Civil Coffee’s back patio with a drip and rito (the barbacoa breakfast burrito is a banger). The shaded area full of picnic tables and locals on their laptops is perfect for enjoying breakfast or lunch with friends and canine companions.

Without question, the Eagle Rock Dog Park is one of the best in town. Angelenos dog owners know that it’s next to impossible to find a dog park that isn’t made entirely of dirt or gravel, so this one reigns supreme with astroturf, brick and cement paths. meticulously maintained, shaded areas for dog parents to relax in, and yes, a bit of dirt. Pro tip: Walk right out of the dog park gate and you’ll find a huge field where other dogs and their humans often congregate.

Aviel kanter

While it does require you to drive all the way to Long Beach, the payoff from Rosie’s is priceless. This is the only beach where dogs are allowed to walk off leash, and it’s a real joy to see so many puppies happily surfing the waves and rolling around in the sand. While the weekends can get a bit wild, it’s usually more low-key the further north you head on the beach towards the pier.

A neighborhood staple, the Rose Cafe recently underwent some serious renovations and came out looking like the chic, bohemian friend you’ve always secretly wanted to be. The patio-centric spot feels like it’s going on: there are different enclaves that you and your dog can explore on each visit, from the restaurant itself, to the cafe bar and take-out counter, to the bakery and the full bar, and Suite.

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If you had to postpone your trip to Paris last year, you and your dog can get a taste of the terrace lifestyle in Culver City. While it’s pretty laid back, Simonette has a candle-like, hip, cool vibe that makes her more of an outing than your local cafe. And no one will judge you if you slip one of your fries under the table on your puppy.

The trail around the Silver Lake Reservoir is one of the best people-watching experiences in Los Angeles. The loop takes around 45 minutes to an hour to complete depending on your speed, making it ideal if you’re a jogging duo with your dog or want a more relaxed walk with friends. Plus, you’ll get a front row view of some amazing mid-century homes along the way, if that’s your thing. Head to Silver Lake Dog Park if your puppy needs more exercise – just be warned: it’s all dirt, so your dog may look like a mud monster.

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